lørdag 12. februar 2011

The Joy of Love

I still have some cathing up to do regarding the Joy of Love, but I`m hanging in there :) 
12 the eyes
 Our cat, Tiger, is begging us to let her inn :) Tired of cathing mice, perhaps? 
11 dreams

Blowing candles on their 5.th birthday - making wishes :)
What are they dreaming about?? Princes and diamonds?

10   Space – 
where they are comfortable
 on the sofa, with coffee and the newspaper .. that is comfy for my hubby!  :)

09 passions and hobbies
 we could decorate the whole house with all the pearls we have :)
That sure is a passion for at least one of my daugthers! 

 05 love to hate

well ... I don`t think I love anything about my daughter biting her nails....
but I "love" to catch her doing it ;)

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  1. I absolutely LOVE the shot for day 12 - the eyes. Just fantastic!